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Treatment for Digestion, Appetite and Constipation -10th Princip;le

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10th Aromani Principle in Twin Medicine..
Over the past one year, a thought was coming frequently as “I have been filling up the stomach with food and doing brain-based work without any physical movement in the office, is it scientifically correct? What is the difference between an ideal car which is filled up with petrol in the petrol tank standing in the shed and my above action of working in the office with filled up food in the stomach? "This question was coming up. The answer is that there is no difference. If you want to drive the car, you have to run the car and burn gasoline. Similarly, if you want to work for man's labor, the food filled up in the stomach should be burned.

On 5-10-2018, God sent me to the field of research seeking practical answer to my above question. From that day inwards, I walked in the morning and afternoon after eating the food.. To my astonishment, I was relieved of the constipation that I had suffered for a long time. I feel the appetite has increased and the strength of the body. I am happy now

The 10th -Aromani Principle stipulates, "Depending upon the time spent towards the labour for the work (or exercise or walk) in the empty stomach, the body is weakened, the new diseases appear, and the old diseases are intensifying.

Or 10th -Aromani Principle   may be stipulated as , "Depending upon the time spent towards the labour for the work (or exercise or walk) after eating in the morning, midday and dinner, the body is strenthened,  no new diseases appear, and the old diseases will be curing. 

Labor plays a major role in searching for food by predators. Labor digests the food in the stomach; The energy available from digestion is used for labor. Hunger is stimulated at the end of labor; The food is taken after the hunger. He goes back to work. This is the life cycle of the primitive people.

Although man's life cycle has changed in civilized growth, the fundamental cycle is constant. The labor x rest has not changed. What has changed is that the labor of the body for the work has decreased and the labor of the brain increased. Human race is heading towards a life without work. Exercise classes are abolished in schools and that time too is utilized for the study. In the evening, after coming from schools, the girls and boys, instead of playing with friends they play video games and watch TV. As the labor of the body for work is decreasing, the people resort to exercise, walking etc.

The major part of the energy of the food eaten at night, is used to repair the small repairs of the body organs in the night. The rest of the energy is used for outing of faeces, bathing etc in the morning. Then you eat breakfast tiffin in the morning; and then you are going to work. The energy for that labor is provided from the food you eaten in the morning.

After completing the natural discomforts, you are doing a morning walk in an empty stomach. Now you're going to see how useful it is. When walking on an empty stomach, the body's energy stored in the cells is utilized for the walk. So the body weakens. Diseases in the weakened body are likely to appear. Is It good to take the savings money out of the bank without necessity!

After filling the meal in the stomach, you go to office by a two wheeler or a car or a bus and sit in the office and start brain work. When doing so, there is no physical movement of the body. And so the respiration is going on smoothly. This breathing is not enough to quicken the digestion; it does not produce enough heat with brain work; Water does not come around the stomach for grinding the food and is almost in standstill position. There is no variation of the vacant space in the stomach. Thus, the joined function of the Five Natural Agents is paralyzed.

But when you eat and then walk, it becomes hard work. Breathing under the upper breath occurs during walking. It means that the air is going inside and coming outside fast so that the stomach is shrinking and spreads fastly. The food is well crushed;; Water cycle is well mixed with food. The gland water and hydrochloride acid are well mixed. By the friction of the body organs, the heat is produced, and the food is well burned and the digestive tract is well performed. It is to be noted that there is not much benefit after drinking a coffee and then walking. The entire stomach should be filled up and then to be walked.

Therefore, do not do work or exercise or a walk, in an empty stomach.. It's just a matter of physical activity with full meal in the stomach. When digesting is good, all the other health activities, such as waste discharge, followed by hunger and sleep, are all well.

As per Aromani 10th Principle, work or exercise or walk shall be done after eating morning, midday and night; these practices will eliminate constipation, produce good appetite and increase the strength of the body.                   
                             Let live Attentive Life and grow prosperously!

                                  Healer R.A.Bharaman alias Aromani

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