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Letter to District Collectors

Aromani Research Center (Without Medicine) Hospital. Special feature: The patient who enters into the hospital, emerges as a Doctor. Cell Nos: 9442035291; 8754880126.

Copy of the email submitted to all the District Collectors dated:2-11-2018
           (Tamil translated to English)
        Aromani Research Center (Without drug) Hospital.             
          57/176A6, 3rd Street, Peraiyur Road,
                 Cell Numbers: 9442035291, 8754880126.; and “Healer Aromani Videos” in the youtube.

Dear sir,
Vanakkam. The Kind attention of District Collector is invited to the news published in the 'Dinathanthi' Tamil daily page 11 on 2-11-2018. The headline of that news is as "Collector who calls students for dengue mosquito work. 5 marks with  certificates to be issued to the students who inform the mosquito breeding places.! "

The founder has discovered a simple procedure after researching about the mosquito eradication for seven years (from 7/2010 to 13-7-2018) which will completely eliminate the mosquito. The English book "Simple Procedure to Eradicate Mosquitoes" is published by the Chennai Notion Press, The Tamil book, "Simple Procedure to Eradicate Mosquitoes", is published by the Gautam publishing house in Chennai.

All the members of the founder cum researcher’s family have been completely relieved from the mosquito bites for the past two years and are well sleeping..

Mosquito breeding places!   
Seventy years ago there were no modern toilets. Therefore, there is no mosquito production at all. Majority of mosquito breeds are produced in septic tank tubes that are built under modern toilets, and in the septic tank. Besides, washing tub of the kitchen utensils, its sewage pipe, the kitchen waste basket, the drainage pipes of bathroom and wash basin are the other places of mosquito breeding.  

Explanation of mosquito eradication!
Five rupees packet (100 g) of Bleaching powder should be put in each toilet cup followed with pouring of five liters of water. This should be done at 10 o'clock in the morning and 8 o'clock at night. Daily two packets are needed. Bleaching powder 20 g should be put and pour water into the kitchen utensils washing water tub; and sprinkle a little powder in a kitchen waste basket. In the bathroom, put the powder of 10 g with water in the sewage pipe; put 10 g powder with water in the wash Basin waste water sewage pipe. All of these require half a packet for the morning and half for the night. Daily 3 packets are required. If this is done regularly,, the mosquito production will be stopped within a week. When poured powder in all sewage pipes as said above, in all homes, mosquitoes can not be produced in sewage channels.

 Explanation of fevers!
 "Dengue mosquito, dengue fever" is the name given by the medical business world to freeze people. People are afraid of to treat in Alternative Medicines through this freezing condition. During seven years of research, the Researcher Aromani has allowed several days to the bites of the mosquitoes. Dengue mosquito does not seem to exist. He did not have any dengue fever, swine flu or bird fever.

Diseases are coming during the seasons of rains and winter. What is the reason? Due to our profession in the summer and spring, and for many other reasons, waste is left within the body. The stagnant waste products are taken up in annual maintenance and cooled by cold and rainy weather, compressing the body, and extinguishing the existing waste. Diseases are the only disorders that are caused by discharge of waste. We say that troubles caused by the discharge of waste during the self annual maintenance of the body are diseases. One of these diseases is the flu. There are not many kinds of fever. The fever is only one fever. If the patient of fever was starved and taken the treatment in Alternative medicine, he will be recovered from the fever.

.Diseases do not occur due to the germs!
“Diseases are caused by germs; spread through the air and water” is also used by the medical business world to freeze people in fear. Diseases do not occur due to the germs. The germs are created to eradicate waste materials that have long accumulated in the body.

 Researching of eating for six months without hand washing!
 A strong campaign is going on to eat only after washing hands. In the study of Aromani, he has been eating for six months without washing hands. No infections have come to him. He is fine.  

It is not enough to kill the mosquito and essential to remove the ignorance and  create awareness among the people about the diseases.

The mosquito can be completely eliminated when performing the procedure as stated in the book "Simple Procedure to Eradicate Mosquitoes". It is therefore humbly requested to issue order to the concerned officers to purchase books for the libraries of government departments, state higher secondary schools and colleges and to issue instruction for ordering the books for the libraries of private high schools, colleges and universities.                                             Yours truly
Healer R.A.Bharamaan (Aromani)
Superintending Engineer (Rtd)
Tamil Nadu Electricity Board
For ARC(Wd)H
Encl: 1.An article about germs 2. "Simple Procedure to Eradicate Mosquitoes".-Tamil book-1
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