Friday, April 19, 2019

TM-*--Less attention in work brings diseases!

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Just like Armed Reserve Police, the Special Reserved Blood (SRB) is in our body.  It goes to the organs engaging in works and transfers the energy (to the organs) required for work. Thus the depreciation of the organs would be prevented and followed with weakness and diseases are prevented.

 The peculiar thing in this case is that the SRB would not go automatically to the organs engaging in works, but it goes to those organs when the worker gets involved fully in the work preventing oscillation of mind and drawing to it then and there smoothly to the actions (movements of organs). 

The above principle is utilized here that whenever the patient gets fully involved with the pain feeling, he is gradually relieved from pain. That is, when a patient of any pain, think of or focus on pain, the SRB goes to the spot of the pain, transfers the energy to the ailing spot and cures the pain. 

Healer R.A.Bharaman (Aromani)

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The visitors are requested to donate liberally to the Trust “READ FOUNDATION”  for conducting free medical camps to treat the poor in remote villages which are out of reach of health facilities..The donor would be issued a Receipt of the Trust. 

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