Saturday, April 20, 2019

TM-“Armed reserve police” in your body!

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Theory of the Medicine of Medicinal Meditation (MMM).

There is some extra blood called as special reserve blood (SRB) stored in our body. This blood is similar to the special armed reserve police (SARP) which would be used exclusively at the time of violence breaks out. The SARP will be sent to the spot of the violence by the order of the appropriate authority and quench it. 

Similar to the functioning of the SARP,  Whenever you work, the SRB goes to the organs of the body which engage in work and transfer the energy brought by it to the organs engaged in work. Thus, the depreciation of organs are prevented, followed with weakness, accumulation of waste and production of diseases. 

For an example, during eating, the eater must involve himself fully to the eating actions. Suppose he is seeing T.V. program simultaneously while he is eating. What will happen? The SRB goes to the brain instead of the organs engaged in eating here say, eyes,  hands, mouth, tongue, throat, and stomach.  So, these organs get weakened and followed with diseases.

Healer R.A.Bharaman (Aromani)

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