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Subbu was the son of Karupanan’s enemy. He had eve teased the daughter of       Karupanan. So Karupanan had run with anger and a knife in his hand to murder Subbu. On seeing that, Karthikeyan, the friend of Karupanan had stopped the latter and made him to drop the knife. He had given advices and taken him to various entertainments. Thus he had quenched the latter’s anger. Karuppanan had become calm after 24 hours from the time of incident. 

There Karthikeyan had done two actions to quench the anger of Karuppanan. They are (1) Karuppanan was removed from the place of the occurrence before murder taking place. And (2) he had taken him to the entertainments of the latter’s likings. Thus the latter’s attention was diverted from the anger of thought of murder.

Suppose Karthikeyan was absent at the place of the incident. Then what would be the action of Karuppanan?
When Karuppanan had arrived at Subbu’s house, the latter was not there. Karuppanan had returned back angrily. Then what Karthikeyan had done to Karuppanan the mind now begins to do it. Take it granted that angry is Karuppanan and Karhtikeyan is the mind. 

As Karthikeyan had taken out Karuppanan from the place to be murdered, the top mind has taken the angry feeling and begins to travel downward as the angry feeling has weight and it is attracted by SCM. When the angry feeling is gradually going downward, it is gradually getting reduced followed with exiting of the stressed thoughts as reaction due to the wavering of the mind. 

The stressed thoughts might be about past occurrences, his future, future of his daughter and family. The thoughts of happiness might become intermittently. Sweet music might be coming and going. In between physical works might have been done. The travelling of angry feeling downward and wavering of mind would be the continuous process. 

In the next 24 hrs the travelling has ended with the bottom mind at certain point say at point 6 in the bottom mind out of 10 points of angry feeling at the top mind  with the reduced angry feeling.
                                 Healer Aromani. 
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