Tuesday, September 3, 2019


          Aromani Research Center (Without Medicine) Hospital.
 Special feature: The patient who enters into the hospital, emerges as a Doctor. Cell Nos: 9442035291; 8754880126. 

Vathsala thinks of suicide herself and pours kerosene oil on her body. When she searches the matchbox, the suicide thought begins to travel downward as the angry feeling of Karuppanan. At the same time, the mind reacts with by wavering. The wavering thoughts may be about the future of her children and the sufferings of them at the hands of their step mother after her death. 

She hears the voice of her daughter “mummy! I am hungry! 
Please give me tiffin!.” On hearing her daughter’s voice, she postpones her action of suicide temporarily. However the mind continues its travel downward by taking the suicide thought and the latter is also gradually reducing. The wavering mind sends out the stressed thoughts accumulated along the path of travel. 

By the above way the suicide thought arrives at point 3/10 of the deep mind after 48 hours. At this juncture Vathsala is completely released from suicide thought temporarily. So the Tamil proverb says (cold meals is the  old meals- ஆறின கஞ்சிபழங்கஞ்சி). 

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