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Karrupanan and Vathsala have required 48 hours to quench the angry feeling and suicide thought respectively in the ordinary course of time. But one hour is adequate for quenching the above two feelings. 

For that both must do one medicinal meditation (MM). Sudden angry feeling raised due to the stress  produced on the chest of Karuppanan on hearing that his daughter was eve teased by Subbu, the son of his enemy. Similarly the grief and sorrow which are accumulated at the chest of Vathsala due to the quarrel between her and her husband in course of time had pushed her to take a decision of suicide.                                                                                        
Karupanan with angry feeling must come to his house, close the door of his room and sit in a chair comfortably. After making his mind without any thought for few seconds he must slowly close his eyes. 

Then he must think of or focus of the expansion and contraction of the chest along with the tightness or heavy feeling in his chest. The stress which was the cause for angry feeling begins to descend inwardly {(Here the expansion and contraction of the chest with tightness feeling is the Calling Attention Feeling (CAF)}. 

Some thoughts about the future of his daughter, his son, his profession, his family problems, friends etc may come intermittently. He must immediately stop the thoughts and bring his mind slowly to the thought of CAF. Thus the other stressed thoughts would be exiting out of mind. From the time of thinking of CAF the top mind taking the stress begins to travel inwardly giving away the other stressed thoughts along the path.  
                                Healer Aromani. 
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