Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Is hot water bathe good?-TM

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Those who have ‘sinusitis’, will be suffering from sneezing, watering nose, nasal block, mucous, head ache, migraine etc. so they must take bath in hot water only.

When taking bathe in cold water or raw water, there may not be the above troubles, but knee pain will be there.

How is the hot water to be? The temperature of the surface of our skin is 34 degree centigrade. So the temperature of bathe water must also be 34 degree centigrade. Then only, there will not be any shrink or expansion of the skin. That means that during bathing, you should not feel hot or cold.

By heating water one degree centigrade above at 35 degree centigrade, you may take bathing in warm water. When heating more than that above 35 degree centigrade, skin will expand. When continuously taking bathe at above 35 degree centigrade and consequently continuous expansion may result in loose skin.

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