Thursday, November 7, 2019

Aafter taking bath, removal of water by wet towel gives good result!-TM

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After taking bath, if dry towel is used to remove water from the head, the whole body will dry up. You don’t feel freshness and chillness or cold, the benefit of bath.

Further, as “Diamond only cut diamond” , wet only will take away wet. After taking the bath, wet towel only suck the water out  of the body and the head as well.

After taking bath, soak a small towel which will suck the water well, in the water and squeeze it. Then remove the stocked water in the head and body by the towel..   

When taken bath as said above, you will feel the cold  of bath and freshness throughout the day. The above tip  holds good for both sex.

For good health, please adopt Aromani’s 11 Natural Principles.
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