Monday, November 4, 2019

Why should tbe patient is to be within 120 mg/dL sugar limit!-TM

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Mucous is a waste material. When it becomes stagnant waste, mucous related diseases are appeared. So when the same is made to exit, the diseases are cured..

Similarly due to the deficiency of insulin, the unsaved, non utility sugar was sent out  by the body as the waste through urine. When it is said as good for the body due to exit of mucous similarly it will be good for the body due to the exit of sugar, the waste. Then why the insulin is to be injected to control the sugar to 120 mg/dL.

Further the insulin injected from outside, made of animal and synthetic is a foreign material to the body. As the body refuses to accept it, diabetic patients have to meet the various troubles.

So without bothering the quantity of sugar in the blood, by adopting Aromani’s 11 Natural Principles and doing medicinal meditations whenever affected by diseases, the patients can be cured completely  from diabetes
                                                    Healer Aromani 
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