Thursday, November 14, 2019

When did man fall into the grip of illness?-TM

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The body is designed in such a way to send out the waste viz  bad water, gas, belching, mucous urine, stool etc daily. The above waste had been exiting daily by the cave men. After they had come to plain and eaten cooked food, they had violated two Aromani’s Natural Principles.. As first time, they eat both raw food and cooked foods at the same time.

Due to thirsty, they went to river and drunk water when they were living in caves. In plain, they find mud pot, bring water in it to the home and begin to drink water without thirsty. Thus they had violated the two principles.     

Due to the violation of the above two principles, the waste  was excessively produced and exited from their bodies. Fearful of this, the primitive invented medicine. In it, some medicines exit the waste daily. Some for the instant cure the troubles, made the waste to stay inside the body..

The body took maintenance work sending out the waste. During exiting, it exited with giving troubles such as vomiting, loose motion, dizziness, sneezing, watering nose etc. Those troubles are called as diseases.  . 
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