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          What is the cause for itching? The waste like bad water, is not able to come out of the skin, block the sweating pores forming water tumors and stay at the bottom of the skin.  The body informs you the blockage of sweating pores through itching.

The body opens the blockage of the pores by breaking the bad water tumors through itching.

There is one way only to open the blockage of sweating pores and cure. After eating morning Tiffin,  midday meals and dinner at night, do labour work or walking or exercise or running thrice a day; pores will be opened; waste blocked will come out of the skin. The itching will be stopped.

Treatment for itching: By doing medicinal meditation for itching it can be cured.

Applying oil to the body will close the sweating pores and so shall not be used.

For preventing and curing the diseases, please adopt Aromani’s 11 Natural Principles scrupulously.
                                           Healer Aromani.
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