Sunday, November 17, 2019

Don’t avoid eating curd or buttermilk! Do this!

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Many people avoid curd or buttermilk as they get colds But due to curd and buttermilk, they do not get colds.

When the mucus accumulates in the body, the body to expel it is cooling. That is why even a mild drizzle can cause sneezing, watering nose, and chest mucus to many the next day. This is how the body disposes of waste products.

When you eat the curd, your body has more mucus. The body is waiting for the right opportunity to expel it. At that point you are eating curd or buttermilk. They have cooling properties. Using that coolant property, the body expels water and mucus as sneezing, watering nose and mucus. It is the story that “when crow sits, palm fruit falls! (காக்கா உட்கார பனம்பழம் விழுந்த கதைதான்).  

So if you do not have stagnate waste of water and 

mucus, you can eat yogurt and buttermilk. Do not take 

pills that will prevent exiting of mucus. You can get rid of 

colds by practicing medicinal meditation that will help 

you to prevent the accumulation of stagnate waste.

Please adopt Aromani’s 11 Natural Principles to prevent the accumulation of any waste..   
                          Healer Aromani                     
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