Monday, December 2, 2019

Where is the energy that drives the body?-TM

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The three which are thought, word and action are driven by ‘mind’. Worshiping the God is the mind. If mind was taken away, man’s movement stops. So, “Mind is the temple” the proverb has come into being

  Whether the mind is in the brain or in the heart or in the chest? But, without knowing the location of the mind, people are made to tell the location of it as per the dialogue between the two women given below.  

Bothe women are friends. One woman says. “Something that could not have happened, happened”. Her friend  who unbelieved her friend’s gossip, asks, touching former’s chest “By touching your mind, tell me that you are telling the truth!” So the great energy that drives the body is located in chest.

Further the truth also in the chest. Therefore God  is residing in the form of Truth in the chest. That is why the proverb “Truth alone triumphs ” is in voque.  Instead of worshipping idols, worshipping Truth would give enormous benefits. By focusing the mind on the chest, God may be worshipped.

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