Wednesday, December 4, 2019

When the husband and wife should have sex?-TM

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The body will be tired, exhausted and weak as both will work throughout the day. So it is not advisable to have sex as soon as they are lying in the bed.. This is because males will quickly ejaculate. 

Therefore, it is best to sleep at night and have sex once you are motivated; The sperm will not release soon.

Do not take too much of prescription pills. They reduce sperm production.  Homemade food and side dishes (பலகாரங்கள்) increase sperm production

The key to sperm production is labor. The chain is that labor for digestion, digestion for hunger, hunger for food, food for labor.

Therefore, after a morning , evening meal and night dinner, you should go for work or walking or exercise or running. From this,  the body receives energy

Good sleep at night will increase sperm production. The other nine Aromani principles are alsi helping for sperm production.

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