Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Allowed! I was free from many diseases!-TM

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For ten years, though I ate little too much at night, the toes are flipped when I was in sound sleep. If it is not, then there will be stomach pain in the morning. Both are painful illnesses Whenever I have such pain, I will do medicinal meditation (MM) and get temporary relief from them..

in the 2nd week of November every year, I will get cough and colds; Coughing will be with terrifying sound. At the urging of the household, I will eat pills for cough and colds, fearing the talk of those around. I will be cured temporarily from them.  I had no understanding of diseases at that time.

On May 25 of that year (2019), the cold with cough began to appear. The cough was without much louder as walking was carried out after eating in the morning and midday. My family also did not insist me on taking pills. They disappeared only on the 7th of July. The pains of toes and stomach  were also cured. I was very pleased.. Further I was delighted to find out that allowing waste to go out can help cure diseases.

Please   follow the 11 natural laws of Aromani to prevent and cure diseases.             
                                      Healer Aromani.
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