Wednesday, January 22, 2020

How to control anger?-TM

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Reasonable anger can mean good health. The one who is going  late. go to the bank to remit and fight the cashier who refuses to receive the cash. The anger of the man fighting with cashier is unreasonable.

Unreasonable anger can mean illness For those who are with such angry, the body has stagnate waste. The stagnation is that what provokes anger.  Those who are angry like that will not get peace for them  and his family. If the accumulated waste was disposed of, the unreasonable anger will go away from him.

It is necessary to sit down, close your eyes, and do the medicinal meditation (MM-6) that focuses on the expansion and contraction of the chest. The thoughts should not be allowed to prolong. Do 20 minutes continuously. The waste will be discharged. Anger can also subside and become more restrained.

 Do this every morning, and evening 20 minutes. Do it until sleep comes at night in the bed. Unjustly angry will be quit.

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