Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Simple Treatment for Weight Loss! -TM

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Exterior snacks, tiffin, Aromani's 11 natural law violations, the use of computers and cell phones, and labor in paint, cement and cotton factories , make the body weaker and accumulate more waste.

Stagnant wastes: flatulence, mucus, urine, fece, gas blocking the chest etc. These wastes are the main cause of body weight gain! Don't you wonder!

. They stagnate in the head first. And so  you would have head load. But you don’t feel the head load.

In the morning, when you get out of bed, sitting or lying down, you can feel the head load through a slight pain with a moment of closed eyes. Do MM by focusing the head load pain; The pain gradually increases and then subsides. Weight loss in two or three months occurs..

Walk for half an hour after breakfast  lunch and 10 minutes after dinner. Follow the 11 natural rules of Aromani  for weight loss

                                           Healer Aromani 
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