Saturday, February 22, 2020


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Devotees worshiped Sonamimuthu Karupasamy at the Kuchanoor Saneeswaran Bhagwan Kovil with bottles of liquor as per the "Daily Thanthii " news paper dated: 13-8-2019. I read the message and was heartbroken.

All religious worship is done through the mind.
That is why our ancestors left the proverb "Mind is the Temple" to us. But it is blaspheming the goddess by worshiping with that  of alcohol that causes the mind to degenerate! That is why all religions teach that drinking is bad.

In the Mind Temple the goddess to be worshiped dwells in the mind. The mind is in the chest. In that chest, the Ttrue God” resides.  When worshiping Lord, HE is waiting to bless with benefits.

How to worship HIM?  Close your eyes.   Focus  the chest for 20 minutes. If other thoughts come up, stop them and take care of the focus the chest again and again. Like this do worship in the morning and evening. The benefits from ALMIGHTY will flow like falls.

                        Healer Aromani.
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