Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Blocking the body's effort

Aromani Research Center (Without Medicine) Hospital. Special feature: The patient who enters into the hospital, emerges as a Doctor. Cell Nos: 9442035291; 8754880126

The body is making every effort to cure its ailments. We wear glasses to correct the eye sight. As the defect was corrected by external means, we do not correct violations of Aromani 11 Principles. Therefore, the body abandons the attempt to correct the eye defect. It is just like taking a doll lying a little farther and giving it to a creepy baby

The patients with diabeticts inject insulin into the body, preventing the development of insulin. That is why they become insulin-injecting diabetics for a lifetime Thus the action of the patients prevent the body's effort of producing insulin.

Follow the 11 Natural Laws of Aromany, which cooperate with the body's effort to get rid of sugar.
                    Healer Aromani.
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